How Apple Maps & Music Impact App Developers & Marketers

In this episode of App Marketing Conversations; Ryan Morel, Ian Sefferman of Tune & Robi Ganguly of Apptentive discuss how app marketers should view the rise of Apple Maps and the release of Apple Music. Watch the video here, or read the transcript below.

Ian: Hello, and welcome to another installment of App Marketing Conversations. I’m Ian Sefferman, here with Robi Ganguly of Apptentive and Ryan Morel of GameHouse. How are you guys all doing?

Robi: Great.

Ryan: Morning.

Ian: Awesome. We have Darwin back . . . Yeah, I can’t forget Darwin. So Darwin is back. We also have a pretty awesome backdrop today. Both of those things are great. And some cool announcements I think and interesting statistics to talk about.

So one was Asymco, is that right? Is that who was talking about it.

Ryan: Well, yeah, so it was at WWDC, then Asymco had the analysis of one event.

Ian: Right up over it.

Yeah. Why don’t you talk about it. You probably . . .

Ryan: Well, so it was that Apple announced at WWDC that its maps product was used three and a half times more than the next leading maps product, which seems clearly obvious that the next leading maps product would be Google.

Ian: Yeah.

Ryan: It’s a little bit of a mind-blowing number given where Apple Maps started three and a half years ago.

Ian: Yeah.

Ryan: It’s pretty amazing.

Ian: Yeah, my initial reaction to that was BS.

Robi: Right.

Ian: You bring up the good point, why would they lie about it? But that’s just mind-blowing to me.

Ryan: Yeah.

Ian: The reviews . . . Basically, the first time they came out, I tried it. And I was like “This is terrible” and never went back to it.

Ryan: Yeah. My own experience is that it’s gotten a lot better. And I wouldn’t say that I always use Apple Maps, but I probably am 60/40 Apple Maps to Google Maps. I think the most amazing thing from my perspective is exactly what you said, right? It was terrible at the beginning. And Google Maps has been doing this . . . How long has Google been doing maps? Ten years?

Ian: Yeah, almost.

Robi: At least, yeah.

Ryan: That’s a long time. They’ve got really good quality maps product. And in three years, Apple . . . Even if it’s not three and a half times, even if it’s two times, even if it’s even, that’s amazing. In that short of period of time, they usurped the clear leader in the market.

Ian: What’s your reaction to it?

Robi: Well, damn, it feels good to be a platform owner, right? You just get more people buying devices and defaulting to the maps and forgetting to reinstall Google. And it’s like you get a lot of advantage just from that behavior. And you get the benefit of time. So you get every opportunity that you ship something new to change it. It’s pretty tough to compete with those guys.

Ryan: Yeah, yeah. Well, especially they also have a data advantage too. You were talking off-air about whether or not they’re . . . like how are they really maintaining privacy when they can view data across apps? I’m sure they have a good answer for that. But the reality is they’re the only ones who can see how people use Google Maps and see how people use Garmin and Apple Maps to help improve their own product. So they have a little bit of an unfair advantage in terms of their product road map and what they’re going to improve upon, just like Google does on Android, right?

Robi: Yeah.

Ryan: But just generally speaking, it would be really hard and scary to be in the same business that a platform owner might want to own.

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